Therapy Services For Children


Your child's only job is to be a kid. Occupational therapists work with children who might need specialized assistance to lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives due to physical, developmental and/or social problems. Some of the areas Occupational Therapy can help with are:

• Instruction in and adaptation of self-care skills
• Developing gross and fine-motor skills
• Handwriting
• Sensory processing/modulation
• Self-regulation
• Improving visual motor skills – information that is   
  perceived and processed with motor skills
• Improving graphomotor skills – a combination of     
  cognitive, perceptual and motor skills which enable
  a person to write
• Hand-eye coordination
• School-readiness
• Core and upper extremity strengthening
• Achieving developmental milestones
• Motor planning
• Visual perception – how the brain makes sense of
  what it sees